Building history

Le Moulin de Saint-Laurent is filled with a rich history. Dating from the French Régime, it was originally a water mill used to grind grain into flour for the people living on the south side of Ile d’Orléans. Some documents dated 1725 note a stone watermill and a survey made in 1730 provides exact dimensions; a two-story building with an attic and shingled roof.

The mill was the long time property of the Seigneurie Drapeau, but it was better known as the « Moulin Gosselin ». It was in 1858 that François Gosselin became the owner and ran the mill with his family until the early 1920’s, when the business was abandoned.

In 1963, a couple from Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Van Veen, purchased the mill and turned it into the fine restaurant it is today.

It was in 1986 that the present owners, the Premont-Lachance Family purchased the restaurant. Throughout the years, they have made several renovations to safeguard the building’s authenticity.